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Here’s what else we’ve been up to, both in the schools and in our communities.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Much More Than Wearing Pink

During October, when everyone from the NFL to major airlines turn pink, we’re feeling especially proud that Douglas J Aveda Institutes and Salons — and our brand partner, Aveda Corp. — have a long and strong history supporting breast cancer research, prevention, and awareness.

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The Douglas J Beauty Team’s 10 Tips for Brides

Here are our Top 10 tips for brides on their wedding day.

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Summer Hair Gripes (& How To Banish Them Forever)

It’s practically tragic that the time of year most often associated with fun vacations, favorite outfits, and seasonal romance also goes hand-in-hand with a variety of hair problems. The good news is, we have a solution for every bit of havoc that summer can wreak on your hair.

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Twisted Sister: How To Achieve Perfect Beach Waves

Beach waves might be the holy grail of hairstyles. Low maintenance, timeless, and effortlessly chic, they’re appropriate in any setting. Like any hairstyle, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for creating this classic summer look.

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Celebrity Photo Gallery: Radical Color Changes!

There’s nothing we love more than a dramatic hair color change! To inspire you to consider a revolutionary new shade for your tresses, we’ve put together this gallery of celebrities who have rocked The Trio.

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Avoid The Doctor: Go To The Spa!

“If it feels good, it’s probably bad for you” may be true of a lot of things, but not for spa services. Do you love the complimentary, stress-relieving neck and shoulder treatments you get when you arrive at Douglas J for an appointment? Do our scalp massages during your shampoo make you swoon?

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Douglas J Companies Go Green for Earth Month

Douglas J and Aveda dedicate month of April in support of clean water

LANSING, MI – In honor of Earth Day, Douglas J has set aside the entire month

of April to celebrate and raise funds to support clean water projects through

the Alliance…

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Color Trends For Spring 2014

If the word “spring” has you thinking of pastels and soft, sweet colors, think again! Spring 2014 makeup trends are all about bold, fresh colors that pop; about sheer nude naturals that flatter, and most importantly, about blending the two to create a look that’s uniquely yours.

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Douglas J Makes Million Dollar Announcement to Benefit Veterans

How do you thank someone for putting his or her life on the line? For sacrificing everything for our freedom? Scott Weaver, President of Douglas J Companies was asking himself those very questions when he realized, the best way to thank someone and his or her family for their service, is to offer those families A Fresh Start on Service.

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Make 2014 Your Most Beautiful Year Yet.

New Year’s resolutions are often hard to keep. This is because, as much as we’d like to change our habits, we just don’t know where to start. But, if you make beauty goals for yourself in 2014, chances are you will be able to achieve them...

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