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Developing Mastery Program 

Advance to the Extraordinary

Don’t just raise the bar - launch it. (Get paid to do it!)
Deliver the highest level of service, provide expert consultation and create loyal guests. The Developing Mastery Program was formed to impart the Douglas J values and culture, inspiring graduates to build upon and perfect what they’ve already learned. Whether it’s design or color, Emerging Artists learn how to refine skills and provide the exceptional experience our guests have come to expect. And it’s not for the faint of heart. Our rigorous and intense program is dedicated only to those committed by a desire to push themselves beyond the norm. After all, we aim not to meet, but surpass our guests’ expectations. The hiring process encompasses an interview and the ability to demonstrate your skills, proving they’re on par with our program.  The number of openings are select — but come with unlimited possibilities.


Your Unique Discipline 
Consider this program your post-graduate finishing school. Under the support and guidance of our Art Directors and Educators, you have the opportunity to explore both design and color and then fine-tune your skills to a preferred discipline. You’ll immerse in our culture and learn modern hair techniques, gain new tools and offer your guests options they didn’t even know existed, preparing you to ultimately, build and run a business from right behind your chair.

No two guests are the same — nor should their styles be. Move beyond the basics and gain the mastery needed to offer advanced cutting and styling techniques. Learn how to customize a plan based on traits like face shape, hair type and maintenance preference, then advance to a level where you recommend and deliver new solutions. Take your salon-friendly looks and bust out of the box. You’ll assess features, fine-tune techniques, combine them in different ways and finish hair so an individual cut and style compliments each guest’s face. 

First comes chemistry, then creating with color. You’ll learn how to mix advanced custom formulas considering hair type, health and maintenance preference to achieve the look you want. You’ll then be able to offer recommendations to reinvent or enhance a guest’s existing look. Knowing the intricacies of color means you build a rock-solid foundation, ultimately coloring for the cut rather than maintenance. Put simply, your skills soar.


Douglas J strives to always encourage our stylists to be inspired by the art of the beauty industry.One example? We urge them to push their abilities to the next level and enter prestigious competitions like the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA). We’re proud to say Serene Barlond, one of our own stylists, was named a finalist for the 2016 NAHA Newcomer Stylist of the Year. 

Our training program is beyond compare. 
Art Directors and Educators are mentored by Industry leaders before they’re certified to teach in our Developing Mastery Program. They continue to receive ongoing mentoring, endlessly refining their skills and staying on top of their trade. 

Completion Time: 6 Months (Upon competency achievement)

For more information email careers@douglasj.com and to apply Douglas J Application.
This program is available in both our East Lansing and Ann Arbor Salons